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Buttercity, Lauchenoiria

There has been a noticeable tension in the air across most of Lauchenoiria since the civil war ended with the signing of the Haven Accords in Sanctaria, but here in Buttercity, the capital, the populace seem to have started to hold their breath, in anticipation and perhaps dread, the beginning of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission this week.

The TRC, which will like the negotiations to end the war be hosted by neutral Sanctaria, will finally do what many Lauchenoirians want now the war is over – lay blame. Only then, many commentators here say, can healing actually begin. Interim Prime Minister Keitha Noguera last week penned a column in a local paper where, stressing how important the TRC, implored people to remain calm and to respect its verdicts. The verdicts, which may not come until mid-2019 at the earliest, will likely inspire protests regardless of the results, and will one of the first major tests for Noguera in post-conflict Lauchenoiria.

Group Special Envoy for the Lauchenoirian Conflict, Robert Smyth, who is responsible for executing the provisions of the Haven Accords on behalf of the Sanctarian Government, last week announced the TRC will be held in Nicene on the Sanctarian west coast. He also revealed that retired Court of Appeals Justice Sylvia Churcher will be the chief adjudicator in the TRC.

The International Democratic Union will be keeping a very close eye on the TRC as its proceedings get underway. Countries like Laeral and Gonhog participated heavily in the civil war on either side and their actions will also come under close scrutiny. So too will the actions of the Matriarchy of Kerlile, a country reported to exercise huge human rights abuses against the male minority – abuses which some say are almost genocidal in nature. This will be the first time in recent history the seculsive and isolated nation may have to air its laundry in public.

Sanctarian Foreign Secretary Brian Young said “Sanctaria was proud to defend democracy and peace in the International Democratic Union” and that through its responsibility as guarantor of the Haven Accords it is “more than happy to host the TRC and to ensure its decisions and verdicts are carried out”. There have been some protests already in Nicene outside the old courthouse where the commission will hold its business; activists say the Sanctarian government should “stop with the show trial” and “arrest all the warmongers”.

No protests yet in Buttercity but for the first time since the end of the war, there’s been more armed police on the streets at night in the week leading up to the beginning of what may prove to be the most important judicial event in Lauchenoirian history.

Jennifer McShane
Foreign Editor