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Chancellor Charlene Hendry today confirmed that, as Guarantors of the Haven Accords, Sanctaria would be among the first to recognise an independent Aeluria, should the upcoming referendum indicate that is the wish of the native population. The move would likely stir other countries within the International Democratic Union to also recognise an independent Aeluria.

In a press conference today, Chancellor Hendry confirmed to this paper that “We are guarantors not only of the [Haven] Accords, but also of this election. We’re the ones promising, and ensuring, it is free and fair. We in this nation support self-determination. You’re asking how Sanctaria would respond if Aeluria votes for independence? If we’re guaranteeing the vote is valid, then it would be an abdication of duty, and of our values, to ignore that vote.” Hendry is the first member of the Sanctarian government to publicly confirm that the Divine Federation would recognise an independent Aeluria, though high-level sources in the Department of Foreign Affairs have been suggesting this for weeks.

When pressed, Hendry would not confirm if the recognition would also lead to support through trade deals or other financial or aid driven incentives with the island, saying “our future relationship with an independent Aeluria would be judged on similar factors to how we approach any nation looking for relations”. Hendry also confirmed that, if Aeluria voted for independence, Sanctarian troops would be withdrawn, as the island would no longer be covered under the Haven Accords as being part of Lauchenoiria.

Leaders from across the IDU are currently in Tofino, Zamastan at an inaugural diplomatic conference, where the topic of Aelurian independence has already been broached. No Sanctarian representation has been sent to this conference and, when asked, Hendry simply replied “Sanctaria is delighted to see other nations in the IDU coming together to discuss matters of import to them”.

Jennifer McShane
Foreign Editor