Governing-Mayor of Sanctus, Katherine Dwight, has announced that Chief Superintendent Mohammad Kahn, currently officer-in-charge of the Sanctarian Police Force’s Financial Crime Bureau, will be Sanctus’ first Chief of Police when policing and justice powers are federalised later this year. Kahn, who has been in the SPF for over 30 years, is the first state police chief to be announced.

Kahn will begin his new role on 1 July of this year, along with two new yet-to-be-announced police chiefs in Corpus and Haven. The Sanctarian Police Force, under their new guise as the Sanctarian Federal Police, will remain responsible for law and order in the other six states until their new governments take office next January at which point full police devolution will occur.

One of the first tasks Kahn will be responsible for is the organisation of Sanctus’ own police force, including rank, structure, and organisational divisions. The government has already announced that all SPF officers currently assigned to divisions and stations in Sanctus will automatically move to the new City of Sanctus Police, with their pay and pensions grandfathered.

Speaking at the unveiling of his appointment, C/Supt Kahn said he was “excited and honoured” but that until 1 July he would be continuing to focus on the “job [he] has now in the Financial Crime Bureau”.

Marc Griffin
Sanctus Editor