Glorionis Politics


Former Prime Minister Joshua Turner is to announce today that he will seek the Sanctarian Conservative Party nomination to run for Governor of Glorionis. Turner, who has been out of politics since his retirement from the House of Deputies at the 2013 election, is believed to have written to newly appointed Leader of the Glorionis SCP, Madeline Chalke, earlier in the week, giving advance notice of his intention.

Chalke, who is likely to lead the SCP to victory in the inaugural state elections in Glorionis, and is therefore poised to become the state’s first Premier, has a long history and friendship with Turner – it was Turner who first appointed Chalke as chairperson of the parliamentary SCP back in 2007 when he took over as leader. Though internal party processes are in the midst of being formed post-federalisation of the SCP, it’s thought that if Chalke gives Turner her backing, no other candidate will step forward.

Under the new federalised system, it is the state Premiers who wield all the power, rather like the Federal Chancellor. A State Governor is considered more akin to the President of Sanctaria in terms of powers and duties. While Turner’s foray back into politics isn’t entirely unexpected, many are surprised that he is running for a low-energy position, light on power and duties. Cynics among some political commentators have been suggesting he is teeing up a run at the Presidency in a number of years.

If nominated by the SCP, Turner will almost certainly become the frontrunner for the Governorship almost immediately, with analysts suggesting that Glorionis will be considered a “safe” SCP stronghold; the party is already projected to win a majority in the State Assembly, and Turner has the added advantage of already being considered an elder statesman by virtue of his previous office of Prime Minister.

Gwen Copley
Political Correspondent