Sanctaria’s latest satellite was successfully launched into orbit tonight with the Sanctarian Space Agency celebrating its first launch in over eighteen months. The satellite, fully funded by the taxpayer, is the first in a series of specialised technologies being sent into the atmosphere to better prepare rural parts of Sanctaria for next-gen telephonic and internet-based communications.

Speaking at the launch tonight, Secretary of State for Science, Dr. Laura Parker, congratulated the teams at the SSA who had “spent countless hours over the past number of months” preparing for the launch. Secretary Parker went on to commit to more funding for the SSA saying “space really does hold all the answers to the questions humanity has spent lifetimes pondering”. Parker acknowledged that the space industry had been neglected by successive Sanctarian governments for some time, but the creation of a department dedicated to science last year “should show this government is serious about science”.

Many of the scientists, mathematicians, and defence personnel at the launch at the Gen. Crenshaw Air Force Base outside Casterly expressed cautious optimism that this successful first launch will inspire the government to give more funding to the aeronautic industry, with some even suggesting the government should enter into partnerships with other nations in the International Democratic Union to establish more regular space-faring scientific missions.

Work had been in the pipeline to establish joint operational space commands with others in the IDU some years ago, but conflicting priorities on space and the technology needed to get into space meant the ideas soon fizzled out. When asked about future arrangements, Secretary Park said nothing was planned but “the government is keeping a keen eye on developments in this realm”.

Ricardo Cava
Science & Technology Correspondent