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The inaugural Tofino Leaders Summit, which started February 22nd, was supposed to be about environmental and energy policies. But the arrival of leaders of the Matriarchy of Kerlile soon changed those plans – any many nations aren’t sure if it’s for the better or not.

For many nations, the summit was supposed to represent change – Laeral’s new President Liu Mei-han’s first trip abroad, and first chance to mingle with fellow leaders; Zamastan’s own President Anya Bishop, barely in office, was also going to use this opportunity to showcase not just Zamastan, but her own leadership capabilities; and, of course, an opportunity for the interim government of Lauchenoiria to prove the civil war was well and truly over.

But then Kerlile arrived.

The Matriarchy of Kerlile, ever controversial, and usually reclusive, were extended an invitation to the event out of courtesy – all heads of government in the IDU were sent an invite by President Bishop – but no one expected them to actually accept. Kerlile, accused by many nations of subversive covert operations against incumbent governments, is not a friend to any at the conference; indeed, most of the governments at the conference have charges currently levelled against Kerlile in the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of the Lauchenoirian Civil War for crimes against humanity. Crimes which are not limited to wartime.

Most international human rights NGOs accept and warn that the Matriarchy of Kerlile routinely commits atrocities such as mandated sex-selective abortions, regular lynching of menfolk, and widespread slavery. Governments, including Sanctaria, have travel warnings in place, and outside of special permission from the Department of Foreign Affairs, routinely forbids citizens to go to Kerlile which, though notoriously hateful of tourism and immigration, does allow all-female groups to tour carefully selected forests, plains, and other breathtaking scenic vistas.

All of this means that while the Tofino Summit hoped to come to common aims on energy and climate change, it will invariably end up with at least three governments, including Laeral, Lauchenoiria, and Libertas Omnium Maximus, having to explain to its people why they held talks with Kerlile.

It has been commented, including by some of the leaders present, that it is unusual that no representative of Sanctaria, widely accepted as one of the main powers in the region, attended the conference. Government sources tell this paper that Kerlile’s sudden acceptance of this invitation was no surprise to those in the Sanctarian intelligence community – with their country about to be shamed internationally in the TRC, Kerlile was going to do something drastic and unusual to make themselves look better, and what better place than a summit dedicated to climate change.

Jennifer McShane
Foreign Editor