A branch of Sanctaria National Bank in downtown Templar has this afternoon been evacuated after bank officials opened letters containing an unknown white powder. This is the second time in a month where a branch of SNB has been targeted in such a manner.

The bank, and surrounding office buildings, cafés, and restaurants have been evacuated, with the bank officials who opened the letter immediately removed from the scene by army hazardous material operatives. A cordon remains in effect in a one block radius, with local fire and police services providing support.

Police have declined to say if this incident is related to that which occured two weeks ago in an SNB branch in Pontifex, Novum Limium. The white powder at that time was determined to be common plaster dust. A spokesperson for the Sanctarian Police Force have reiterated that they take all discoveries of unusual substances very seriously and that, where appropriate, full and vigorous investigation will take place.

In 2008, a recruitment agency in Nicene, Galvium was targeted with white powder that was later found to be anthrax. The perpetrator was a biological chemist who had failed in their application for a new role advertised by the agency. Since that time, there has been on average ten reports a year of suspicious white powder, but all have later been found to be white flour or plaster dust.

Louisa Enright
National Correspondent