A Corpus man was yesterday found guilty and sentenced for thirty-five years in prison for the manslaughter of his daughter at their farmhouse last year.

Jason Myers (55) was having an argument with his teenager daughter Celine (15) in their upstairs hallway when he smacked her across the face, causing her to trip and fall down the stairs. The autopsy confirmed that Ms. Myers died upon impact when her head first hit the concrete, un-carpeted stairs in their family home.

The jury took just over three hours to find Mr. Myers guilty of manslaughter. Myers had pled not guilty, with his lawyers instead suggesting that a more appropriate crime would have been accidental death. Prosecutors dismissed this and, while acknowledging that Mr. Myers didn’t likely intend for his daughter to fall down the stairs to her death, it still amount to an unlawful death, with his only saving grace being that it was in the heat of the moment, and it was unplanned.

Mr. Myers had expressed his sorrow and remorse throughout the trial, with his defence team leaning on the fact that Ms. Myers was his only child and that, soon after her death, his wife had left him. His now ex-wife was in the courtroom however did not act as a witness for the prosecution, despite allegedly being asked to.

After hearing his sentence of thirty-five years, Myers broke down and wept audibly. His defence team have indicated they will appeal. Myers will be eligible for parole after fifteen years.

Adam King
Crime & Justice Correspondent