Sanctaria’s newest political party yesterday unveiled their newest policy – to resign as a member nation of the World Assembly.

The New Sanctaria Party has claimed that, once in power federally, they will pass legislation pulling the country out of the World Assembly, bringing an end to the intergovernmental organisation’s “ability to dictate law and legislation” in Sanctaria. NSP Leader, former Deputy Prime Minister Andrew Silk, announced the party’s new policy while at the parliamentary party’s inaugural think-in over the weekend.

Sanctarians have generally been very supportive of World Assembly membership, with polls taken last year indicating between 70 and 75% approval. That support, however, has rarely been unconditional, with many who support continued membership expressing some concern over the raft of policy areas the World Assembly can legislative for, including national security and domestic welfare policies.

The NSP becomes the first mainstream party in Sanctaria to openly call for a withdrawal from the intergovernmental organisation, with only the fringe Sanctarian Peoples’ Party previously espousing such aspirations. Even the Christian Union Party, traditionally a bastion of conservatism in Sanctaria, while critical of the body has always stopped short of calling for leaving it.

Foreign Secretary Brian Young has dismissed the NSP’s calls saying that “as a respected, and valued, member of the World Assembly, it would not be in Sanctaria’s interest to leave the body. The DLP, and this government, is fully behind and supportive of continued membership.” Representatives from the SCP and the Green Party echoed Young’s sentiments.

Calls to the office of Dr. Katherine Saunders, Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly, went unreturned.

Joey Sessions
Political Editor