Stacey Devisers’ re-election campaign was dealt a blow this weekend when polling suggested she was on course to lose her bid to return as Corpus’ Mayor for an unprecedented third term.

Corpus Radio’s week-long poll, announced this morning, showed Devisers trailing her Democratic Left Party rival Louisa Kenworthy, currently a councillor on Corpus City Council, by 6 percentage points. Kenworthy, a popular councillor recently unveiled as the leader of the DLP in Corpus and the DLP’s nominee for Governing-Mayor of the new city-state of Corpus, led the pack of candidates with 40% to Devisers’ 34%. Independent and third-party candidates made up the remaining 26%, with the Green Party’s candidate polling an impressive 18%.

Devisers has been a longstanding figure in Corpus politics and, shortly after her last re-election, fought off an impeachment attempt by DLP councillors. Though popular, commentators are suggesting that Corpus voters want change and they are not convinced that Devisers has the fresh energy and creativity needed for change to happen.

Devisers will have some influence over Corpus though even if she does lose the upcoming election on June 29th. With policing being fully devolved to the states on July 1st, Devisers still has yet to announce who will be taking charge of Corpus’ police force. It will likely be one of her last acts in office if she loses, with her potential final day in office July 14th.

Joshua Alexander
Corpus Editor