Governing-Mayor of Sanctus, SCP’s Katherine Dwight is still very popular with voters, according to STV-1 who’s polling this morning in the Sanctus mayoral race has her at 35%. Her nearest challenger, DLP’s Ethan Ringrose trails behind at 22%, with the Green Party putting up a good fight at 18%. Independents and other parties make up the remaining 15%.

Though election day in Sanctus is still a few weeks away – June 14th – Dwight’s double digit lead may be unsurmountable for the other challengers, particularly the DLP whose party is enjoying generally favourable ratings nationwide; if high party favorability still leaves you behind the frontrunner by double digits, it’s definitely an uphill battle.

Dwight, who is on the more liberal wing of the SCP, has also come out swinging as much tougher on crime than other candidates in the race – she pledges if re-elected, zero tolerance on knife crime, which is a rising problem in the nation’s capital. She points to her proactive work in tapping a police chief for the new city-state’s devolved police force, the first Governing-Mayor in the country to do so, as a sign she has policing and justice as a priority.

Councillor Ethan Ringrose, the DLP’s nominee in the mayoral election, has had trouble connecting to the voters at large. Though very popular in his own district, and among DLP party members as a whole, his name recognition in other districts in Sanctus is not strong.

However not all is doom and gloom for the DLP – even though their mayoral candidate is not getting the name recognition they expected, polling suggests they will increase their seats on the city council itself. They are expected to retain all their districts and add one or two SCP-held districts to their tally. The city-state wide mayoral election, though, may be one prize they will miss. Kenworthy, who is not running for re-election as a councillor as she is running for the Governing-Mayor position, is likely regretting her and the DLP’s decision not to run a more widely known candidate in this race.

Marc Griffin
Sanctus Editor