June Warren, independent Senator for Haven, won a landslide victory in the inaugural Governing-Mayoral election for Haven yesterday, thrashing her SCP and Green Party opponents by gaining 76% of the total vote. The votes, which were counted by hand, were certified by the Haven Returning Officer earlier this afternoon.

Warren will be the first elected Governing-Mayor of Haven, her predecessor having assumed the office after it was upgraded from Mayor to Governing-Mayor post-federalisation last year. Speaking of her predecessor, the DLP’s Juan-Baptise Cortez didn’t even bother contesting this election, fearing the blight the Warren Wave as it came to be known would have on his otherwise unblemished electoral record. Cortez announced in May that he would not be contesting the Governing-Mayoral election, and nor would the DLP, but he was elected to the City Council over the weekend, maintaining his influence in Haven politics for another five years at least.

In an unorthodox, but not entirely unsurprising move, Warren also announced she would not be resigning her Senate seat despite her election. Saying that “nothing in the law prevents me from holding both offices”, which multiple legal academics confirmed over the weekend, Warren explained that because a new Senate election would be held this October to elect the new Federal Senate, the first post-federalisation, she felt it would be a waste of public resources and of candidates time to trigger and hold a bye-election.

Warren will take office as Governing-Mayor of Haven officially on July 15th. The other city-states, Sanctus and Corpus, already had their first ever elections for Governing-Mayor, with Katherine Dwight of the SCP remaining in-situ in Sanctus, but long-time SCP Stacey Devisers kicked out in Corpus, being replaced by the DLP’s Louisa Kenworthy.

Adele Walsh
Haven Editor