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Group Special Envoy for the Lauchenoirian Conflict, Ambassador Robert Smyth, yesterday welcomed the positive vote in the Lauchenoirian parliament which formally adopted a new constitution for the country. The process, which was mandated by the Haven Accords, marks one of the final acts necessary for Lauchenoiria to put the Second Civil War behind them.

Smyth, who is also a former Deputy Prime Minister of Sanctaria, said that that it was “an important step towards lasting peace” and that he was “encouraged by the vast majority in favour”. Though some sources close to Smyth, and the Sanctarian government, say that both would have preferred a public referendum on the constitution rather than a parliament vote, it is believed that the general feeling is relief that the process is almost over.

Speaking in Sanctus, Chancellor Charlene Hendry said that she also welcomed the vote, and that she was “proud” that Sanctaria had done its part to re-establish order and peace in Lauchenoiria after “its devastating civil conflict”. Hendry confirmed that Sanctaria would be seeking to pull its troops out of the country entirely within the medium term, and that it would be starting to reduce numbers there immediately. “Realistically, however, it would be prudent to ensure some Sanctarian troops remain until after their general election next April to ensure peaceful transition of power occurs”, Hendry cautioned.

Hendry refused to comment on whether Sanctaria would keep some troops there on a permanent basis, but a Homeland Security source later said that while this was not the intention, it would depend on requests from the Lauchenoirian government elected next April.

The Lauchenoirian public are believed to be receiving their new constitution positively, however most are still eagerly awaiting the results of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, being held in Nicene in Sanctaria, before declaring the conflict well and truly over. Verdicts and possible sentences are due to be announced next week.

Jennifer McShane
Foreign Editor