Secretary for Governmental Affairs, Ben Jackson, today confirmed that the Government had placed an order for nineteen new ministerial cars to replace the current fleet, all of which are nearing seven years old. The nineteen customised Jaguar XR Sentinels are going to cost the Treasury approximately S£3.1 million.

Explaining the decision in the House of Deputies today, Secretary Jackson said that from a security and emissions point of view, it was a necessary purchase. “The current fleet of cars don’t have the capability for modern technological upgrades deemed necessary for, for example, the Chancellor to have, like built in teleconferencing potential. Most cars on the market could outstrip the Chancellor’s current car too, so from a security point-of-view, that’s problematic.”

Jackson also confirmed that while all government secretaries would be receiving a car, only the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Secretary for Homeland Security would be receiving the necessary security upgrades to their vehicles such as reinforced chassis and a bullet-resistant body. Bullet-resistant windows would be installed in all cars, and the Chancellor’s vehicle would also be fitted with police lights and sirens.

“We need to take security seriously in today’s modern world. This is a necessary cost to keep dedicated public servants safe”, Jackson declared to the House today.

Opposition deputies did not take much issue with the announcement today, though there were some questions pertaining to why the Government didn’t keep the contract with Mercedes. “Cost” was the succinct reply from Jackson.

Gwen Copley
Political Correspondent