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The Truth & Reconciliation Commission, established in the aftermath of the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War, today issued its verdicts and handed out sentences against a number of individuals involved in the war. The Commission, chaired by retired Sanctarian jurist Sylvia Churcher, had spent the last few months hearing evidence.

The biggest stories out of the TRC today include the convicting of a sitting Kerlian Councillor – Anita Patel – who will now be extradited from Kerlile to serve her sentence of twenty (20) years in a Sanctarian federal prison. Convicted of the oversight of torture, mistreatment, and even execution of POWS, Patel is a highly divisive and reports say violent member of Kerlile’s ruling establishment. The conviction will deal a blow to the authoritarian state’s political processes.

Former Lauchenoirian Prime Minister Laura Moore has walked away scot free, however, something that will cause some celebration, but also consternation in her home country. Ruling her non-guilty today, Churcher implied it was the fault of the prosecution by reasoning Moore not guilty by virtue of the accusations being not proven.

All those convicted today at the TRC – of crimes ranging from identity fraud to murder – will serve at the Sanctarian Government’s pleasure in some of the nation’s federal prisons. Sources close to the Justice Department have suggested some prisoners – such as Anita Patel or former Lauchenoirian Prime Minister Charissa Clark, who was found guilty, of among other things, murdering her predecessor – would not serve their sentences in regular prisons out of fear for their safety. House arrest in secure locations, or even the construction of specialist facilities have been mooted as possible alternatives.

Group Special Envoy for the Lauchenoirian Conflict, and de facto Guarantor of the Haven Accords, Ambassador Robert Smyth praised the deliberations of the Truth & Reconiliation Commission, and called today “the final chapter in the resolution of the Lauchenoirian Civil War.”

Jennifer McShane
Foreign Editor