Secretary for Devolution and Governmental Affairs, Ben Jackson, today confirmed that both the State and Federal Senate Elections would be held on Saturday, October 5th of this year; Jackson had stated a number of weeks ago that the cabinet were looking at a number of dates in October and November.

Saturday voting has now become a tradition in Sanctaria, though some politicians, particularly more conservative ones aspiring to be elected to state parliaments in the autumn, had hoped for a weekday vote to depress the youth vote.

Six of the nine Sanctarian states will hold their first ever elections to new state offices – the three city states recently had their Governing-Mayoral elections. Confusingly, however, each voter will have four different votes this year; Federal Senate, State Assembly, State Council, and of course their State Gubernatorial elections. In practice, this means each voter will get a vote for their Federal Senator, their local Assemblyperson, a Councillor, and their Governor. Voters in Haven, Sanctus, and Corpus will just be elected Federal Senators.

The Federal Senate that will meet after these elections will look drastically different to the one ending. Thanks to changes in the Great Devolution Bill, the Senate will be cut from 100 Senators representing the now defunct 50 boroughs of Sanctaria, to 40 Senators; 4 to represent each State, and 4 representing voters abroad. Jackson also confirmed today that information for Sanctarian citizens abroad wishing to register to be included on the emigrant voting list will be disseminated early next week.

Jackson also clarified that Assembly districts and Council constituencies will be announced in mid to late August to allow candidates time to be selected and “run an efficient and, hopefully, successful campaign in their chosen district or constituency.”

Joey Sessions
Political Editor