Patriarch of the Church of Sanctaria, Luke VI, today used his weekly sermon in the Basilica of St. George in Heaven to attack the government, insisting that they are on a “crusade into damnation” because of what he perceives as a “government-sponsored war on religion”.

In his sermon, which some parishioners admitted was far more vitriolic than necessary, the Archbishop of Sanctus singled out both Equality Secretary Ann Ramirez and WA Ambassador Katherine Saunders as “pushing a discriminatory, feminist agenda” with what he claimed had a “sole aim and goal of destroying religion and our Church in Sanctaria”. Both Ramirez and Saunders have been critical of the Church’s role in society in recent months, with both highlighting continued gender discrimination as a problem. Saunders also recently led a successful lobbying effort to deny the theocratic nation of Auralia a commendation almost solely because of their religious dogma-based laws and legal system.

Luke VI, who was selected as Archbishop of Sanctus by the Church’s Synod of Bishops, is nearing his first anniversary as Patriarch, but has already proved seasoned church-goers’ predictions of a more hardlined leader than his predecessor correct. This is not his first attack from the pulpit on members of government, particularly female members. He has previously called Chancellor Charlene Hendry a “heretic witch” after she admitted in an interview she viewed herself as more agnostic than religious.

A government spokesperson refused to comment specifically on Luke VI’s sermon today saying only “the Patriarch of the Church of Sanctaria is entitled to his views, and is entitled to use his platform to express them. The secular constitution of Sanctaria guarantees freedom of speech to all within her borders.”

Edward Allens
Religion Correspondent