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Group Special Envoy for the Lauchenoirian Conflict, and former Deputy Prime Minister of Sanctaria, Ambassador Robert Smyth has been announced today as the 2019 recipient of the Haven Peace Prize. The Peace Prize, which is recognised internationally as a prestigious award, is awarded by the world-renowned Institute for Diplomacy in Haven.

Despite the Haven Peace Prize being based in Sanctaria, it is only the second time a Sanctarian has won the award in the organisation’s eighty-eight years. Aequitas IV was the first Sanctarian to win the award, in 1973, for his efforts in peacefully breaking up the Papal States of Sanctaria and restoring elected democracy to many countries.

The citation for Smyth’s winning of the award includes references to his tireless effort to bring peace to Lauchenoiria, the oversight and successful completion of the Haven Accords, and the establishment of a judicial commission to fairly bring the war to an end.

Also included in Smyth’s citation is the time he spent as Secretary-General of the Council of IDU States, a predecessor to the current IDU States Assembly. The awarding committee noted his efforts to bring countries from across the IDU, all with disagreements on what interregional cooperation should look like. Though the initiative did eventually fail, the Institute for Diplomacy said the Council under Smyth’s leadership did help create a foundation of trust that enabled both the Haven Accords to be signed, and the successor body to be established.

Smyth has yet to comment to media about the Peace Prize, but Government spokespersons, as well as spokespersons for the Sanctarian Conservative Party, have already issued press-releases lauding the Sanctarian statesman.

Jennifer McShane
Foreign Editor