The number of so-called “skilled migrants” who have entered Sanctaria within the past twelve months has increased compared to the same period the year before. Reports from the Department of Homeland Security show an increase of 3.4%.

Numbers of student migrants have also increased, in what is sure to be welcome news the nation’s many universities. With a 12% increase since 2017, university management across the country are seeing the numbers as a validation of the quality of Sanctarian tertiary education.

The attraction of skilled migrants and students were a cornerstone of the last government’s immigration policy, with the new government continuing such a initiative but with a less punitive approach to illegal or low-skilled migration.

The Department of Homeland Security classes “skilled migrants” as any migrant who has either (a) an undergraduate degree in a STEM subject, or (b) a graduate degree in any subject. The highest number of skilled migrants to Sanctaria are coming from countries like Lauchenoiria and Laeral, with an not insignificant number from Zamastan and Munsteran also.

The report also mentioned that a total of 65,789 deportations were carried out last year, with most entering the nation through unofficial ports and docking years in the Bay of Sanctaria. While DLP policy has been to be lenient with many illegal immigrants, and to consider granting residence permits to those deserving of them, the number of deportations is actually bigger than that of the last year under SCP government where only 63,488 deportations were carried out.

Louisa Enright
National Correspondent