World News


The Bishop Administration in Zamastan have announced they have accepted an invitation from President Marian Woodstrom of Sanctaria to undertake a state visit to the country. The invitation, issued by Woodstrom on behalf of the Government of Sanctaria, is a regularly proffered option to brand new leaders in the International Democratic Union.

Sources close to Anya Bishop have said that she is eager to meet Chancellor Charlene Hendry as a fellow female world leader; that it is election time in Zamastan, and native respect for Sanctaria has shot through the roof after the recent Truth and Reconciliation Commission hearings and sentencing is likely to also be a factor.

It’s also believed that Bishop wishes to mend any perceived straining in the relationship that may have occurred over the thirty-six years that members of the hawkish Castovia family governed the nation. Not a family to shy away from armed conflict, Sanctaria often issued harsh sanctions and tariffs on Zamastan in response to their military actions across Catica and even closer to home in Hespia; sanctions and tariffs the Castovian Administrations were outraged about because of their significance.

Though such sanctions were recently removed by Hendry’s government after the latest cessation of hostilities between Zamastan and, on this occassion, Gladysynthia, relations between the two countries did not improve as expected because of Hendry’s snub of the 2019 Leaders Summit in Tofino. Sources close to Bishop say the President does not hold any grudges against Hendry or her administration for such a snub and are looking forward to increasing relations as part of the state visit.

On the part of the Sanctarian Government, their spokesperson has said the Chancellor and Government are looking forward to hosting Bishop.

Leo Greene
Catica Correspondent