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The Repeals Committee of the General Assembly are currently debating legislation brought forward by the nation of Marxist Germany which would see GA Resolution 286, Reproductive Freedoms, repealed. The resolution guarantees safe, legal, and accessible abortion to those within World Assembly member states, including Sanctaria.

The proposed resolution, which has not yet been submitted for vote by the entire General Assembly, would remove the abortion legislation from the international law books if passed.

Sanctaria, which under the Sanctarian Conservative Party government did not comply with the resolution on abortion, restricting it in many cases and receiving various fines from the international body in response, has since passed new abortion legislation meeting the basic requirements in GA#286; updating Sanctaria’s abortion laws was a priority of the Democratic Left Party’s manifesto in the last general election.

While it is not believed that a repeal of GA#286 would be successful because of the relatively liberal slant to the membership of the General Assembly, Secretary for Health Linda Kelly has confirmed that if the repeal is passed, Sanctaria would continue to offer free, safe, and legal abortions in accordance with domestic law.

When questioned what would Sanctaria do if replacement legislation is passed restricting abortion, Kelly said “we would do everything in our power to resist that but, if unsuccessful, we won’t abandon Sanctarian women. I imagine we’d just pay fines as we once did for being in non-compliance in the other direction”.

Sanctarian Ambassador to the World Assembly, Dr. Katherine Saunders, has said that she will vote against any repeal of Reproductive Freedoms and will lobby her colleagues “intensely” to ensure it would be defeated.

Kim Towers
World Assembly Correspondent