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Zamastan’s Congressional Hall yesterday passed an omnibus bill that bans most semi-automatic weapons, and instituted a new buy-back scheme which saw over 800,000 guns returned to the state within 24 hours.

Reaction across the country has been fairly receptive to the new legislation, passed in response to growing firearms fatalities across the normally gun-loving nation – approximately one in seven residents own a firearm of some sort. The ban on semi-automatics is not believed to extend to sidearms, and focuses mostly on rifles and other high-powered assault weapons.

President Anya Bishop, currently on a state visit to Sanctaria, welcomed the passage of the legislation saying she didn’t understand how such weapons of death were ever allowed in the country in the first place. Chancellor Charlene Hendry of Sanctaria, where all guns have been outlawed with some exceptions since 1982, also welcomed the the news – “private citizens being able to own weapons capable of indiscriminate death and violence is abhorrent. We’re delighted to see Zamastan move forward on this issue and hopefully the successful restriction of firearms in Sanctaria to members of the police force, the armed forces, and grazing farmers will serve as an example that gun violence can be curtailed.”

The buy-back measure, which passed the Zamastian legislature convincingly, came into effect immediately, with Zamastanians given the next few months to return their semi-automatic rifles before being in possession of one is criminalised.

Leo Greene
Catica Correspondent