Trade Secretary Julia Griffin has formally requested Chancellor Charlene Hendry to summon the Ambassadors of Zamastan, Xiomera, Kerlile, and Trive to a meeting at the Business, Industry & Trade Department offices tomorrow morning.

The meeting comes as the trade disputes between the four countries has escalated to a concerning level over the last number of days. Griffin, who had in the past expressed hope at a trade deal with Zamastan, is likely now to demand the Ambassadors advise their governments that further entrenchment of the trade dispute will ensure the Sanctarian government, and Parliament, will look upon any potential trade agreement deeply unfavourably.

Though Sanctaria has not yet been affected seriously by the potential trade war, sources within the Government have let it be known that both Hendry and Treasury Secretary Winters have told Griffin to ensure it doesn’t escalate any further. “While robust, the Sanctarian economy would certainly get slight dent if more countries join, particularly with sanctions”, the source said under condition of anonymity.

While Sanctaria cannot trade with Kerlile as a consequence of the recent Truth and Reconciliation Commission verdicts (though Sanctaria was not party in the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War, the government said as Guarantors they would join with the combatants in the five year trade ban as a mark of trust and solidarity), Zamastan and Xiomera certainly “had and have potential to be good trade partners – but their capriciousness and ability to escalate without warning here may ruin that”, the source added.

It is also understood that the request for summons, which is mandatory for the Ambassadors involved, will have diplomatic repercussions should they not comply. Sources tell this paper that while Sanctaria is not willing to wade into a trade war – at this point, anyway – they will not allow the nation to be insulted by diplomats.

Gwen Copley
Political Correspondent