Ambassadors from nations currently engaging in escalated trade disputes were told to “get [their] act together” and to stop “putting the economic stability of the IDU at risk” at a gathering in the Department of Business, Industry & Trade today.

The Ambassadors, summoned to the meeting by Chancellor Hendry on behalf of Trade Secretary Griffin, were from the nations of Zamastan, Xiomera, Kerlile, and Trive. It is believed that it is the first time representatives of the nations involved have been gathered in the same room since the disputes began.

Sources from the Department of Trade confirm that the meeting was tense and that Secretary Griffin dispensed of niceties almost immediately. It is understood that refreshments were not offered and that Griffin had met the Ambassadors in a meeting room emptied of furniture – including chairs – so as to ensure the meeting was brief, to the point, and “pressed into the Ambassadors’ brains”.

The Ambassadors present are believed to have conveyed their governments’ protestations against the summons most vociferously, with the Zamastanian Ambassador also demanding that Chancellor Hendry condemn human rights abuses in both Kerlile and Xiomera. Sources tell us that Griffin dismissed the protestations almost immediately – “she said something like ‘trust me, you want this meeting to happen now, and not after Sanctaria has to summon the rest of the G5 because your shortsighted policies are beginning to effect economic supply’.”

It’s not believed that Griffin broached the underlying issues that originally began the trade disputes as commentary on human rights abuses and extradition law is out of her remit, but at an impromptu press gaggle after the meeting, Griffin did say that she “urged the nations to come together under a mediator to resolve the trade issues before they escalate further. Sanctaria is happy to talk about other issues effecting the nations once this initial hurdle is overcome.”

Gwen Copley
Political Correspondent