In a surprising move this evening, Chancellor Charlene Hendry has waded into the Bloch extradition debacle ongoing in Lauchenoiria. Peter Bloch, a Shuellian who is accused of violent crimes in his home country, travelled to Lauchenoiria to assist with aid after the Second Lauchenoirian Civil War. President Marwick of Lauchenoiria today announced his intention to extradite Bloch.

Speaking in the House of Deputies on an unrelated topic, Hendry was asked by an opposition deputy what she thought of the Lauchenoirian move to extradite Bloch to Shuell, when Hendry replied that she was “surprised”. Although clearly reticent to go into further detail, Hendry nonetheless acquiesced when she continued “Sanctaria does not extradite to Shuell because of the oppressive nature of its government, its harsh and inhumane treatment of its prisoners, and because of its use of the death penalty. I’m deeply surprised that Lauchenoiria, not yet finished rebuilding from its own divisive civil war, is bending its knee to authoritarian regimes. Frankly, it doesn’t bode well for the future.”

Hendry this evening spoke further on the issue to press outside of Parliament House, “Bloch may be guilty of the crimes he’s committed, but it’s an abdication of responsibility and of a state’s duty of care, to all and not only to one’s own citizens, to toss him back where he will face certain death. President Marwick might as well have ordered the execution himself.”

Hendry also confirmed when pushed that it was Shuell’s dictatorial regime that led the cabinet to decline to send an Olympic team, and not costs as originally touted. “I will not have Sanctaria appear to endorse a one party dictatorship. And I’m disappointed in both Prime Minister Alvarez and President Marwick for doing so in approving this extradition.”

When asked if she felt it was inappropriate to comment on the affairs of another country, Hendry replied that “generally, yes. But as we were reminded today by some diplomats, it’s Sanctaria’s duty as a superpower in the region, and as a member of G5, to protect human rights. And both I and my cabinet are concerned that Sanctarian pounds are being funnelled into Lauchenoiria and instead of helping re-establish strong democracy, those monies are being used to transport prisoners to their death.”

Joey Sessions
Political Editor