National Security


Explosive leaks from the Department of Homeland Security have belied long-held government denials that Sanctaria does not maintain what is commonly called a “Kill List” or “kill scenario” – a list of threats to the nation’s national security that the Chancellor can legally order to be killed or assassinated extrajudicially.

The kill scenario is, according to the leaked policy, only recommended to the Chancellor when operational security has a high likelihood of putting members of the Sanctarian Defence Forces, the Sanctarian Federal Police, or the Sanctarian Intelligence Service at unacceptable risk. The leaks thus far do not suggest the Kill List extends to terrorists or threats internationally, but instead has highlighted names of domestic terrorists as targets; this paper is keeping named individuals anonymous for legal reasons.

Though the leaks also confirm that the Kill List has not yet been used, they do tell us that every head of government since the List was established in 1998 has been confronted at least once with the kill scenario; on average, the head of government has been faced with the kill scenario twice a year. According to the exposed documents, Chancellor Hendry was last faced with the kill scenario on November 18th of last year – she did not give the order.

Emails leaked along with the details of the Kill Lists show divisive debate even at the very top of government over its existence and use. An email from Chancellor Hendry to Alexandra Maye, Director of the Sanctarian Intelligence Service, and Dr. Nicholas Carson, Secretary-General of the Department of Homeland Security, suggest that Hendry has been very uncomfortable on the rare occurrences the kill scenario has been presented before her; Hendry writes that “only a doctor has the right to pronounce a time of death – and I’m not a doctor”.

Former Secretary for Homeland Security, and current Leader of the Opposition, Deputy Kate Cruz was in one email chain where she recommended that SIS and Defence Forces Chiefs advise then Prime Minister Mark Kindle to give the go-ahead on one particular kill scenario; the Prime Minister did not give such an order, in the event. It is unknown if Cruz, now leader of the SCP and potential future Chancellor, is still an advocate of the List.

The leaks do not mention how individuals on the List would be executed without putting forces at risk, but this paper can assume that drones would be the likely method in this era – an email from Cruz during her time in DHS says simply “tell Kindle to set the drones on [name redacted]”.

Also leaked were emails and digital copies of physical letters from the Office of the Attorney General advising on the constitutionality of the Kill List. Various holders of the office since 1998 have stressed that national security provisions of the Constitution are vague enough to allow the Kill List to exist. Others, including Tara Gregory, Attorney General during Prime Minister Joshua Turner’s tenure and now Chief Judge-designate of the Novum Limum Supreme Court, refused to give backing to the constitutionality of the Kill List; Gregory also suggested even if the Constitution allowed such a policy to exist, it would surely need legislative footing via the Houses of Parliament.

Though the existence of a Kill List has been suggested and even alluded to several times, including in former Prime Minister Glen Cox’s memoirs of his time in office, successive Governments have denied its existence and have denied that Sanctaria kills individuals extrajudicially, particularly as the Constitution forbids the death penalty. These leaks, done via a senior operative in the SIS unhappy with the existence of the policy, will cause severe embarrassment to not just the incumbent administration, but all former heads of government of the nation since 1998.

David Fletcher
Special Correspondent