National Security


Amidst the Kill List scandal currently engulfing the Department of Homeland Security, DHS Secretary Kathryn Stewart did manage to find time today to announce that Sanctaria would be significantly reducing its peacekeeping presence along the Lauchenoiria-Kerlile border “effective immediately.”

No reason was given for this move other than “operational reasons”, and the Secretary was quick to stress that “we do not think the area is no longer safe to operate in”, but sources within the Department have intimated that the decision to pull troops away from the border, where potential subversives from Kerlile have been known to cross, is likely in response to Lauchenoiria’s decision to extradite Peter Bloch to Shuell.

“This is definitely a message to the Buttercity administration”, our source said this evening, “Sanctaria will not willingly provide assistance to states who extradite to nations with the death penalty, regardless of it will be used or not.”

Though Sanctaria’s operational presence is not thought to be significantly affected by this limited withdrawal, it will come as a blow to the Lauchenoirian government, who had asked the Sanctarian government to continue providing troops until their next general election in April 2020.

“Sanctaria’s obligation to provide peacekeeping support under the Haven Accords ended after they passed their constitution”, our source said, “we agreed to do so until the next general election, which is essentially a confirmatory one under the new constitution. Sanctaria asked nicely not to extradite Bloch.”

Chancellor Hendry had previously cautioned the Lauchenoirians against extraditing Bloch, but had not suggested there would be ramifications. There will be unease and concern in Buttercity, and cities near the Kerlian border, tonight.

Brian DeNoble
Defence & Security Correspondent