Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Brian Young, this evening announced that the government would formally request Lauchenoiria to extradite Jasmine Eddington to Sanctaria. Eddington, whose extradition to Kerlile was turned down today, is due to be released from Lauchenoirian custody.

In a complete u-turn from off-the-cuff remarks made by Justice Secretary Eric Hill a number of weeks ago, Young today announced that Sanctaria would be making the request because one of Eddington’s victims in Lauchenoiria is in fact the grandson of a Sanctarian citizen – “while the victim did not claim Sanctarian citizenship, they are Sanctarians by blood. And Eddington should pay for the crime of murder of a Sanctarian child.”

Sources close to Young have said that when the request for extradition is transmitted to the Buttercity administration later today, Young will also advise that should the request not be honoured, Sanctaria would follow through on its threat the other day to restrict new visas being issued to Lauchenoirians coming to Sanctaria.

The request for extradition definitely comes as a surprise, with many commentators suggesting that the government is using it to deflect from the current Kill List scandal which has been taking over the airways.

As Sanctaria does not have the death penalty, Foreign Department advisors are hopeful there is no impediment on Lauchenoiria to extradite Eddington; most advisors seem to suggest that getting back into Sanctaria’s good books and getting rid of Eddington would be a double-win for the Alvarez government who have been hit on both sides this week.

Gwen Copley
Political Correspondent