National Security


The jet carrying convicted murder Jasmine Eddington from Lauchenoiria to Sanctaria has disappeared over the Gregory Mountains, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed tonight. That it was Homeland Security, and not Justice or Foreign Affairs who have announced the news is a foreboding sign that foul play is expected.

The jet, which took off over 8 hours ago from Buttercity was carrying Eddington, three members of the Sanctarian Federal Prison Service, and two pilots. Lauchenoiria only yesterday agreed to the extradition of Eddington after refusing to send her to Kerlile where she had escaped. Sanctaria had sought the extradition after the initial refusal due to one of Eddington’s Kerlian victims being a close blood relative of a Sanctarian citizen.

The Department of Homeland Security’s spokeswoman said that Secretary Stewart was receiving periodical updates from the Air Force who are carrying out the search for the missing place. The spokesperson said the Department was working on the assumption that the plane either went down or landed without permission. It’s not believed that the Sanctarian public are in any danger.

Chancellor Hendry is believed to have already called her counterpart in Lauchenoiria to convey the news. It is understood that an emergency SeCo* meeting will take place tonight with Secretaries Young, Stewart, and Hill to be in attendance to discuss the plane’s disappearance.

*SeCo is Sanctaria’s National Security Council.

Brian DeNoble
Defence & Security Correspondent