The government jet that disappeared returning from Lauchenoiria with convicted killer Jasmine Eddington has been found in the valleys of the Gregory Mountain range. The wreckage had five bodies – there were no survivors from the passenger manifest.

The body of Jasmine Eddington was found still locked into her jumpseat. Eddington was identified by her passport which was located on her person. The bodies of the three members of the Sanctarian Federal Prison Service who accompanied Eddington were identified by a liaison from the Federal Prison Service who was assisting the Air Force in their search.

The Sanctarian Air Force have confirmed they have recovered the black box from the wreckage, but preliminary investigation at the wreckage site don’t indicate any foul play, with no blast marks or other evidence normally found on airplanes destroyed by incendiaries apparent.

In Sanctus, Secretary for Homeland Security Kathryn Stewart has promised the government would not rest “until [they] discover how and why the plane went down”. Stewart, giving a statement outside her department headquarters, also apologised to Launchenoiria on behalf of the Sanctarian government for not guaranteeing the safety of the prisoner en route to Sanctaria.

Conspiracy theorists online are already speculating as to the cause of the crash, with a popular theory suggesting one or both of the pilots were Kerlian plants acting on their government’s orders to take out Eddington. No evidence of such as been uncovered.

Louisa Enright
National Correspondent