National Security


Secretary of Homeland Security Kathryn Stewart today confirmed that the plane crash that claimed the life of serial killer Jasmine Eddington, along with five Sanctarian citizens, is no longer being treated as an accident, with black box output indicating malicious pilot error as the cause.

“The crash was not an accident”, Stewart announced at a press conference this afternoon. “Black box documentation, and recordings from within the cabin, indicated that First Officer Maria Cummings deliberately caused the aircraft’s landing gears to descend, and while Captain John Martin was distracted, seized sole control of the plane and diverted it causing it to come into contact with the south face of Mount Ben, a peak in Gregory Mountain Range.”

Stewart went on to confirm that FO Cummings wasn’t scheduled to be on the flight at all that day. “Cummings was an emergency replacement for a pilot that fell ill. She was called only 90 minutes prior to the flight’s outward departure from Cristi International Airport to pick up Jasmine Eddington.” When pushed by reporters on Cummings’ background, Stewart said they were not ready to release any information to the press yet. “The investigation is still ongoing.”

The revelation that a co-pilot deliberately caused the crash will do nothing to quell rumours in Near-East Hespian nations like Lauchenoiria and Laeral that Kerlile was behind the crash, particularly surrounding the use of the so-called Aurora program, which conspiracy theorists believe are a form of Kerlian secret intelligence agency. Sources in the DHS are currently operating on the assumption that Cummings had a mental health problem.

Brian DeNoble
Defence & Security Correspondent