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Whole swathes of Zamastan have been devastated by an 8.3 magnitude earthquake that struck the country earlier today, with the death count expected to be in the thousands. Many more are presumed missing. The Coastal Valley area of the country is anticipated to be the worst hit, and a tsunami warning remains in place.

Old Town Tofino, a cultural jewel in Zamastan’s history, has also been badly hit, with streets and buildings reported to be in ruins. Already estimates of the damage in Tofino alone run into the billions.

The Zamastan government have not yet made an official comment, though have activated emergency protocols and numbers. It is likely that the government, which usually meets in Tofino, were evacuated until after the earthquake tremor and tsunami warnings have subsided.

Worldwide, leaders have already reached out to Zamastan with Sanctaria’s Chancellor Hendry convening an emergency cabinet meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation. Foreign Secretary Brian Young has announced this evening that he will meet with SanctariaAid tomorrow to discuss emergency deployment of aid workers, and will also work to establish how many Sanctarians were affected by the quake.

Leo Greene
Catica Correspondent